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Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey (Traditional Manx)

Sheep Under the Snow
An 18th Century ballad, Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey (‘The Sheep Under the Snow’) records an incident much like the disaster currently affecting Manx farmers, as they fight to rescue their sheep and cattle from the heavy snows that have hit the island this week.


We have just recorded this very song, with Greg Joughin singing, for our debut album and for a limited time we are offering it as a free download here.


All we ask is that you donate an amount of your choosing and all proceeds will go to the Agricultural Benevolent Trust to support the farmers through a difficult and distressing period. In addition we’ll also be donating 25% of CD sales made between Monday 25th March and Friday 12th April.


Graham Crowe, Chairman of the IOM Agricultural Benevolent Trust said:
“I would like to wish Barrule all the very best with their new album, and we are delighted that it’s launch is also being used to raise some funds for the trust. All the work we do is very discreet and conducted in completely confidential manner, but we are very happy to be associated with events that can raise our profile at a time like this on the fund raising side”.


Donations are now closed… we raised a staggering £6,353.23!


If you want to go further and take direct action to help farmers, they are looking for volunteers to help free cattle that is still trapped in the snow. For more information contact the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture by calling (01624) 685844


Translation of the original Manx lyrics:
After winter of snow and spring-tide of frost
The old sheep were dead and the small lambs alive
The men of Lonan rose up and they went forthwith
In Barrule’s hollow they found the sheep dead


Oh! get up shepherds, and to the hill go ye
For the sheep deep as ever are under the snow


The men of Lonan rose up and of Kirk-Christ too
They found the little sheep in Agneash hollow
This said Nicholas Raby and he at home sick
“Beneath the snow are the sheep in Braid-farrane-fing”


The wethers in the front the rams in the midst
The ewes heavy with lamb coming after them
This said Nicholas Raby going up on the loft
“Be my seven blessings on my two thousand sheep


I’ve one sheep for Christmas and two for Easter
And two or three others for the time of death
I have sheep in the hollow and goats on Slieau-rea
Wild sheep in Coan-ny-chistey that will never come home”


Lyrics translated by A.W. Moore (1853-1909)