April Fool! – New Free Music Streaming Service ‘Barrulify’

Alongside the pending release of the new album Manannan’s Cloak, we’re pleased to announce our new venture into the world of high fidelity trad music streaming – Barrulify.

With the popularity of existing mainstream music services such as Spotify, Beats Music and now Tidal, we feel it’s about time that there was a streaming service for trad music fans. We’ve bought some web-hosting with unlimited space, bandwidth and everything, so should be good to go!

Once we’ve finished our Kickstarter project to help with the album funding, we’ll be launching another Kickstarter project to start funding Barrulify. It’s a really exciting prospect for us, and trad music fans all around the world!

Should Barrulify really lift off, then we’re also planning the release of our own brand of headphones, designed specifically for trad music. We feel that the recent trend of large over-ear headphones doesn’t really cater for trad music. So with our new Barrule range of even larger over ear headphones, you’ll be able to listen to your favourite trad music even louder, and look dead trendy.