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The debut album from Barrule, consisting of new and traditional music from the Isle of Man.  Alongside the trio, this eclectic album features appearances from guest musicians such as Manx gaelic singer Greg Joughin, guitarist Malcolm Stitt, pianist David Kilgallon, guitarist Dylan Fowler, Hurdy Gurdy player Clare Salaman, and bodhrán player Will Lang.

“The album aims to elevate the profile of their island’s music. Players of conviction and passion they make a fine job of it.” ****
– The Scotsman

“An exciting sound – real zest and quality”
– The Telegraph

“nothing short of inspired”
– The Living Tradition

Track listing:

  1. Mylecharaine’s March
  2. In Search of Manannan
  3. Arrane Y Chlean
  4. The Girls of Balladoole
  5. She Lhong Honnick Mee
  6. Five Hours Behind
  7. Allen Barbara
  8. Langness
  9. “Engage!”
  10. Ny Kirree Fo Niaghtey
  11. Europop Vona
  12. O My Graih
  13. Irree ny Greiney

N.B. This is the MP3 download version of the album!